What is a Cosmetic Tattoo


Understanding a Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic Tattoo or Permanent Make-up, also referred to as Permanent Cosmetics is a form of tattooing in that a pigment is being implanted into the dermal layer of the skin.  In traditional tattoos, carbon-based indian ink is the primary colorant used, in addition to colored pigments.  With cosmetic tattoing, only pigment is used – NO indian ink.  Pigment, unlike ink, will fade over time and requires a “touch up” sometime later.  Why isn’t ink used for permanent cosmetics?  Simple, your only choice of color is blackish-blue, it’s truly permanent and over time, it spreads in the skin and loses its desired look.

Does it hurt?

I use the best quality topical anesthetics available for Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo professionals and as a result, most of my clients experience very little discomfort.  Some clients have stated that having their eyebrows tweezed or waxed was more uncomfortable than their eyebrow procedure. Your level of comfort will depend on the level of your pain tolerance.

What to expect after your appointment.

It is not advisable to make social plans the day or two after your procedure for several reasons. It is also recommended that you stay in clean environments at least for the first three days.  I highly discourage you from touching the area with your hands as this could result in an infection.  Refraining from high cardio-vascular exercise is highly recommended for the first 10 days in addition to keeping the pigmented area dry and clean.  Your permanent cosmetics will be darker than desired for the first week and will lighten approximately 40%-50%.  With  permanent cosmetics eyeliner, you will wake up the following morning with puffy eyes (like if you had a good cry or allergies).  This usually dissipates after 1 – 3 days depending on your skin.

Enjoying your Cosmetic Tattoo.

“Why did I wait so long?” is a typical question I hear often.  To wake up in the morning looking refreshed and naturally enhanced is a great way to start every day.

Taking the next step.

Browse some photos on this site and view my facebook and instagram pages online.  Note that this is a very small representation of my work and it is impossible to show all.   Afterwards, read the files under the FAQ’s tab to become more informed on the benefits of having your permanent cosmetics.   Call or email for a consultation when you are ready for the next step.

Preparing for your procedure.

The first step is the consultation where you will become highly informed about cosmetic tattoo’s  and how to be best prepared for your procedure.  A confidential health questionnaire will be completed at this time to determine if you’re a good candidate for permanent cosmetics.  The consultation also gives us a chance to meet personally and to have all of your questions answered.   You will also learn how relatively simple of a procedure a cosmetic tattoo is and how comfortable you will be.

If you regularly use long-lasting lip colors, water-proof mascara, Latisse or wear Lash Extensions, you will learn how these products can interfere with your procedure and what you can do to best prepare your skin to accept the pigment.

It is recommended that prior to receiving your cosmetic tattoo, that you minimize your alcohol and caffeine consumption 24 hours in advanced, and come to your appointment with a clean face, no make-up or perfume.  Clients on blood-thinners will learn how to prepare for your procedure during your consultation.