Cosmetic Tattoo Eyeliner

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The Eyeliner procedure is perfect for the client with sparse eyelashes.

Eyeliner application is accomplished by inserting pigment into the lash line. Humans have more than 200 eyelashes in each of their eye lids and they are shed every 3-5 months. We have at least 2-4 rows of eyelashes on our eyelids and eyeliner is usually applied in-between these rows of lashes.

A soft, natural filling in of the lashes creates a fuller lash appearance.

With Eyeliner, the lash line is darkened to produce a full, lush effect. Both upper and lower lashes may be enhanced. Liner can correct the appearance of a drooping eyelid. Properly selected and applied pigment makes your eyes look brighter and fresher. You will no longer have to tug at your eyelids to apply or remove eyeliner.

What to Expect with the Permanent Eyeliner Procedure

Most clients describe a tickling sensation as the product is applied. The procedure is quick and well tolerated.

Eyelash Enhancement

Eyelash Enhancement brings out the eyes just like eyeliner does.

A line is drawn or dots are placed between the lashes, which gives the illusion of fuller lashes. The color used is typically the same color as your lashes.

What to Expect Overall

When the area has healed, there is a chance that the permanent make-up will be too light or too subtle.   A top off procedure can be done six weeks after the first is performed.   During this application the makeup can be balanced, supplemented, darkened, moved, changed or altered in any way necessary.