Cosmetic Tattoo Eyebrows









Eyebrows are the most importatnt feature of your face.  They frame your eyes and demonstrate emotions without words.  Whether you realize it or not eyebrows are often the first thing you notice about another person.  Many new scientific studies have found that eyebrows are the most important facial feature when it comes to facial recognition.

The difference that a beautiful brow can make to your appearance is significant. The wrong shape can make you seem angry, sad or excited.

The wrong color can make you seem sallow, sickly or tired.  Having your eyebrow arch and shape in proper balance with your facial structure, along with the proper color in balance with your skin tones, is my specialty with permanent makeup.  Whether you have a lot of hair or sparse hair you can choose between a hairstroke method, soft powder brow fill or a combination of both.   I can remarkably improve your appearance with an eyebrow procedure. I can enhance your features by framing your eyes with beautiful brows giving you the look you need to feel confident, beautiful and even sexy.