Booking An Appointment

Color Me Beautifully Cosmetic Tattoo Booking Policies

*Requests for appointments may be done by email

or by calling 760-574-8636 and leaving a voicemail.  I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Please be prepared and ready to answer/email required basic information that I will ask for

***see below

*NON REFUNDABLE   Consultation/Booking Fee $75 is required to request to book an appointment for a cosmetic tattoo procedure. Booking fee must be received 72 hours prior to scheduled appointment or your appointment will be cancelled. Your $75 will be applied to the procedure fee and the balance will be due on procedure day.

*CANCELLATION POLICY…48 hours is required to cancel your appointment.  If cancelled before 48 hours your $75 will be applied to your rescheduled request for an appointment.  If NOT cancelled 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment you forfeit your deposit.  You may request to reschedule your appointment with another $75 deposit.  Be sure to confirm I got your cancellation message with a reply from me.  A text that I don’t respond to because I didn’t receive it does not constitute contacting me.  I will confirm by response to cancellations otherwise assume I did not receive it.

*Please come to your appointment on time. A late arrival is considered a missed appointment and therefore will result in the loss of your deposit.  You have the option to request to reschedule with a new deposit fee.  Please be mindful, everyone’s time is valuable.

*Please do not bring children.  It is against California law to have anybody under the age of 18 in the tattooing area.

*You may fill out your forms ahead of time and bring them to your procedure. INFORMED CONSENT AND MEDICAL HISTORY FORMS

*It is to your advantage to familiarize yourself with all the information provided here on this website.

*If you have had a previous cosmetic tattoo not performed by me you will also be required to fill out the ADDENDUM FOR OLD COSMETIC TATTOO


Be ready to answer OR email   ALL this information please.

  1. Name and cell number. Are you 18 or older?
  2. Do you have ANY health conditions at all? Do you have ANY autoimmune issues?  Allergies?
  3. Are you pregnant? Trying to get pregnant? Currently breastfeeding?
  4. Are you taking ANY medications/vitamins?
  5. Do you have any facial skin conditions? (Ex. Sun damage; hyper pigmentation; rosacea; acne; dermatitis; alopecia; sensitivities/allergies; fillers; botox etc.) Do you have oily skin?
  6. Have you had any previous cosmetic tattooing? If so please fill out the ADDENDUM FOR OLD COSMETIC TATTOO and attach to email or provide ALL answers.  Please be aware it is my discretion as to whether your old tattoo can be tattooed over as is or if removal/lightening will be required prior to requested procedure for best results.
  7. Facial photos: If emailing attach photos, if calling please have ready to text photos. Two clear, unedited, non filtered straight photos of your face in good light. (Tip – stand in front of a window using natural light) One photo with your daily makeup on and one with no makeup. These photos are for the purpose of helping me to determine if you are a good candidate for a cosmetic tattoo.