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20151002_125035-1Hi my name is CarolAnne and I’ve been in the beauty industry since 1976! I LOVE what I do and it’s such a great passion of mine to create the perfect look for my clients. I take my time to understand your wants and needs and lifestyle to be sure your results are going to meet your expectations. My clients consistently tell me that I met and exceeded what they wanted and they LOVE how fast and easy they can make themselves up and look GREAT! That is such a satisfying accomplishment of mine because I know how busy woman are and how time management has become a huge issue scheduling in our “primping” time!  I invest in continued education master classes and regularly attend conventions and conferences because I believe it is crucial to continually improve my professional skills.  I have both the confidence and experience to successfully provide client satisfaction and hold myself to a high standard of professional ethics.

Being able to apply permanent makeup that enhances your natural features and/or help to disguise imperfections is not only flattering but it can significantly save time. It’s so time consuming to apply your eyebrows and eye makeup daily only to wash it off in the evening and have to start the cycle over every day. That’s just not necessary anymore. The advancements in the permanent makeup industry with pigments, digital machines and local anesthesia assures procedures are safe and comfortable. I pride myself on adhering to strict compliance’s on all health and safety regulations, keeping all city and county health dept. certificates current, and go beyond the standards to award my clients with the highest quality of safety and professionalism. I am a member of the SPCP, Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, a society that is dedicated to the latest and highest standards of ethics, artistry and cross contamination protection regulations. I attend all conferences and continue to learn and grow my knowledge in the industry through continued education and advanced master classes.

Hair styling utilizing face shape and natural nuances of your hair also makes your “primping” time easy and quick. I use an Eco-cert certified Italian Organic Hair Care Brand. I successfully color and style hair WITHOUT the use of toxic chemicals, ammonia, parabens’s or sulfates! The color lasts great and your shiny hair smells wonderful! My knowledge and expertise, along with my passion to create with purer healthier products for both your hair and personal health, has earned me respect from my clients and peers. I’m deeply grateful to my clients for their recommendations and letters of appreciation for my services and you may read a sample of some here at my website on the testimonials tab and on my facebook and styleseat sites.

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