About CarolAnne the Permanent Makeup Artist


CarolAnne Velarde has been a successful entrepreneur in the beauty industry since 1979.  She combines her extensive experience in the beauty industry together with master level continued education classes to keep her skills constantly improving.

She uses state-of-the-art equipment, the most up to date techniques and highly effective topical anesthetics assuring you of a pleasant and comfortable experience.   She is an active member of the  SPCP,  Society of Permanent  Cosmetic  Professionals, an organization dedicated to the excellence  of  business ethics  and practices  through continued education and attends all conferences.   She exclusively uses pigments that are the very best in the industry that contain sterilized water in the ingredient, rather than distilled water that other pigments use. The tonal value of the pigment stays true on tone as they fade in the skin which is a crucial detail to permanent makeup that CarolAnne believes sets her pigments apart in the industry.   She stays very current on all sanitation regulations and utilizes the latest products using the most advanced technology and 100% of supplies used are sterile one use disposable products.

CarolAnne has a passion for helping woman to look and feel their best enhancing both their physical features and confidence.  She genuinely gives every client the personal attention needed to understand the client requests and will make proper recommendations for satisfying results.   She is an artist with extensive color theory knowledge and understands skin under tones to effectively make the right color choices.  She will enhance your features with the correct shaping techniques.  She takes pride in her work and is a perfectionist that focuses on detail which results in client satisfaction.